Our Partners in Ministry

Take a bow...

Rising Hope Farms deeply appreciates your generous donations. Each penny brings us that much closer to filling our special riders with His healing spirit of love and laughter year round.

No gift is too small, and no heart too large.

Triple Crown ($15,000 and over)

Kentucky Derby ($10,000 - $14,999)

Preakness ($5,000 - $9,999)

Belmont ($1,000 - $4,999)

Pallative Care Center and Hospice Dr. Fuad and Katherine Rihani
Concordia Lutheran Church Jearld Leonhardt
Kurt Wartner Katherine Tallman
Countryside Pet Hospital Donald and Lynn Whitener
Donald Whitener Gary and Joyce Boston
Joyce Chambers and Robin Hovis Sharon Killian Radke
Kohl's SSHS Girls Vollyball Team
Maison Wayne Sherrill Steven and Gayle Underdown
William and Susan Hughes Zion Lutheran Church Pathfinders


Cantering Class ($500 - $999)

Joseph and Mariam Momier Linda and Robert Shepherd
Bethal Lutheran Church Dale and Sandy Sherrill
E.L. and Elizabeth Vanderberry Erick Morin
Physical Therapy Specialists David and Kathy Wartner
Reginald Murray 1st United Methodist Church of Conover
Anna Senn Glenn and Gaye Morrison
John and Barbara Battiston Reflection Church


Trotting Class ($100 - $499)

Sue S. Moore Laura P. Golightly
Mt. Calvery Lithern Church Stephanie Wright
Mary and Harold Hicks* Barry and Kathy Whisnant
David and Sheri Isenhower Marjorie S. McDaniel
Claremont Family Practice Peggy Smith
Libby Yount Doris B. Williams
Tina Simmons Hickory Saw and Tool
Patricia and Charles Stevens Carolyn and James Huffman
Technabilt Marilyn Acebey
ANthony Pasco Donald and Karen Killian
Matthew and Ramona Berce Susan and Gilbert Bolick
Patricia Pope Proceeds from Zoe's Lemonade Stand
Kat in the Hat LLC Buffalo Wild Wings
Gerald and Vicki Smith Josephine Hambrick
Kelly Morrison Prysmian Group
S. Ross and Holly Penland Caroline and Kevin Sherrill
City of Claremont Norman and Sheryl Sloan
Catherine and Joe Joseph Sandra H. Madison
David and Paula Sigmon Sheila Miller
Dominique Kahn Sue Karen Falls
Thomas Warren D.A Brown
Debra and David Dubberly G. Leroy Lail
Harry and Kathy Whistnant Greater Hickory Classic at Rock Barn
James and Billie Anne Stoerzer Hunsucker Farms LLC
Joseph and Rebecca Inglefield Joy Watts
Kevin and Janic Tuttle Laura and Frank Wartner
R. B. Northcross S and T Isenhour
S.J. Odom Shear Bliss Donna Reeves
Sig's Tire Center St. Lukes Lutheran Church
St. Stephens Firefighter Fund Tim and Chis Gantt
Verterns of Foreign Wars W. Mark Sigmon
Wade Lineburger  


Walking Class ($50 - $99)

Randal Whitford S and D Kale*
Cami Helper Alice and Harvey Killian*
Linda and Robert Watts* Lester Lane
Karen Adams DeSantis Family Practice
Nancy and William Lawson Cub Scouts Can Recycle
Danny and Ruthann Waters Deborah and Allen Reeves
Otley Veazey Insurance Group, Inc. Ernest And Beverly Cobb
Mary Parker Kay and Steven Driver
Margaret and J Allen Breazeale Mitzi Brooks
New Beginnings Baptist Church Robert and Lori Anne Whitman
Virginia Claypoole  


Halter Class ($1-$49)

Alfred and Shirley Overby Ann and Gary Boyette
Amanda Joan Lowry Dawn Hewitt
Johnny and Janice Hicks* Cyril Setzer*
Glen and Joanne Abernethy* Anita Parsley*
Annette Hayes Shook Martha Jones
Elaine L. Sweezy* Deborah Johnson
Carleen Willard Amanda Joan Lowry
Gary and Elizabeth Franklin David and Jane Thompson
Old St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cain's Auto Care
Alex and Remonia Smith Robert Franckle
David and Susan Balke

Kathy Green

Jeff and Elizabeth Davis Paige Setzer
Roger Helms Veterans of Foriegn Wars
William Henderson Dara and Patricia Ballard
Frankie Bogutsky John and Tammy Wallace
Jim Christenbury Kathy Wheeler
Kevin and Jeanette Anthony Leanora Helper
Louanne Fitzgerald Netie Houston
Patricia and Douglas Hayes Russel and Joyce Clark
St. James Lutheran Church Susan Tudor

*In Memory of John Howell


Rising Hope Farms Riding Schedule 2013

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